Agent 450 Headset

Affordable Headset

The agent 450 is an affordable headset that you can count on for intensive daily use. With a bold design and built to last from tough plastics, they are ideal office and call centre headsets. The noise-cancelling microphone ensures they can be relied upon in a wide range of workplaces and ensure both the user and caller can communicate clearly even in noisy surroundings.

Features and capabilities

  • 450 dual earpiece, 270 degree rotation mic boom.
  • Crisp clear sound, Noise-cancelling microphone.
  • Acoustic shock protection for the user, Wideband frequency, Quick Disconnect cable.
  • Adjustable headband, Removable foam earpads.

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Hardware features

Features Benefits

User Interaction

● The 450 dual earpiece: Allows the user to concentrate more on calls and filters out general office noise.


●  270 degree rotation microphone boom: Allows the unit to be used for either the left or right ear.
● Adjustable headband: Ensures the headset is optimised for use and comfortable to wear for extended periods.
● Flexible microphone boom: Ensures the microphone to be positioned in the optimal position to ensure the user’s voice is picked up clearly.
● Removable earpads (spares provided): Allows the headset to be serviced and cleaned.
● Robust construction: The headset will cope with the rigours of the modern office environment.
● Lightweight plastic construction: Makes the unit comfortable to wear all day.

Tech Spec

●  Crisp clear sound: Ensures a greater call experience.
●  Noise-cancelling microphone: Filters out background office noise for the caller.
●  Wideband frequency: Creates a more rounded natural sound for the caller and user on supported lines.


●  Acoustic shock protection for user: Prevents noise levels exceeding 118db thereby protecting the user from potential hearing damage.


●  Quick Disconnect cable: Allows the unit to be used with all QD enabled devices.

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