Agent W880Headset

Single ear wireless DECT headset

The W800 series is designed to provide flexible connectivity to either desk phone, USB or both. These DECT wireless headsets also utilise noise cancelling technology and 3 way conferencing capability while the units have a range of up to 150 metres and up to 8 hours talk time.

Features and capabilities

  • 6 hours talk time, High standard of audio quality.
  • 150-metre wireless range, Noise-cancelling microphone.
  • Online indicator, DECT technology, Mute function.
  • Out of range indicator, Conference callling for up to 3 participants.

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Hardware features

Features Benefits

User Interaction

● Frees the user from taking calls just at their desk or PC through wireless mobility.


● Up to 8 hours talk time: Battery provides the user up to 8 hours continuous use between charging.
● Noise-cancelling microphone: Filters out background office noise for the caller.
● Wideband frequency: Creates a more rounded natural sound for the caller and user.
● Built-in headset controls: Allows the user to answer, end calls, increase and decrease volume as well as mute calls.
● 3 earhook sizes provided: Makes the unit fully adjustable to the individual user.
● Generic Access Profile (GAP compatible): Meets all the necessary standard EN 300 444 requirements.

Tech Spec

● Online indicators: Visual confirmation of connection to master unit.
● Maximum range of 150m: Allows to user to move around the office up to 150m from the master unit (in line of sight).
● Out of range indicator: Audio tones warns the user if they lose connection with the master unit.
● 3-way conference calling: The unit can connect with other units to create a localised conference call.
● 2nd battery compartment: A second backup battery is on permanent charge should the main battery need to be changed.


●  Acoustic shock protection for user: Prevents noise levels exceeding 118db thereby protecting the user from potential hearing damage.


●  RJ9 and USB connectors: Allows the unit to be used with desk telephones and makes the headset compatible with any USB platform.

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