Combine our powerful calling functionalities from NUACOM with MS Teams and boost the way your organization communicates.

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Benefits of NUACOM - Microsoft Teams Integration


Handle Business Calls From Microsoft Teams

Handle calls and easily manage a multi-location team, from anywhere, with MS Teams.


Keep Your Existing Phone Number

Use your office number when handling calls from MS Teams, for a better connection ratio.


Consolidate All Forms of Communication

Simplify your calls, chats, videos, and conferences in one single interface.


Greeting Message & Voice Menu

Keep your auto-attendant and voice menu to route calls to your staff using MS Teams.

Advanced Calling Features
For Your Microsoft Teams

Call Recording

Optimize time and improve training with recordings.

Live Calls Wallboard

Live calls, agents' status, KPIs, in one place.

Agent's Performance

Visualize data and see how your team is performing.

Smart Call Flow

Route calls to the right team, automatically.

Testimonial on VoIP Service

"NUACOM have been a great choice for us, as we only use state of the art technology."
Michael O’Connell, MD - House of Finance

Get NUACOM Full Suite of Features

Call Analytics

Smart Call Transfer

Call Notes

Call Tags

Auto-Call Routing

Call Logs

Greeting Message

IVR Voice Menu

Time-based Call Routing

Call Forward to Mobile

Automated Caller ID

Callback Widget

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