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VoIP Features

To Automate Your Workflow:

 Greeting message: have all your calls answered automatically!

 IVR Design Tool: design your own call flow with greetings, menus and actions.

 Opening Hours: set up single or multiple working hours.

 Integrations: all call events sync with CRM, Email Marketing and 40+ apps.

Greeting Message

IVR Voice Menu

Opening Hours

NUACOM Integrations

To Improve Team Productivity:

 Record all calls and stop losing details of your deals.

 Smart Call Transfer: internal or external, to a single agent or to a group.

 Flip calls from your Deskphone to your Mobile, manually or automatically.

 Make 8x more calls with our Click-to-call feature and boost your sales.

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Call Recording

Smart Call Transfer

Call Notes

Call Tags


Powerful Business Tools

NUACOM Features Suite helps your team to save time, have mobility, improve productivity and automate workflow.

Attendant Transfer

Blind Transfer

Group Transfer

Hold & Resume

Call Conference

Call Flip to Mobile

Call Paging

Call Parking

Speed Dial

Conferencing Room


Opening Hours

IVR Voice Menu

Call Rating

Call Queue

Call Groups

Hunt Groups

Call Divert

Call Forwarding

Call Barring

Call Blocking

Distinctive Ring Tone

Call Encryption

Call Whisper

Back Up Call

User Localization

Music on Hold


Call Source


Custom Call ID

Call Waiting

Phone Book

Import Contacts

Online Portal


Chrome App

Real-Time Billing

Number Porting


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