Pipedrive Integration with NUACOM Cloud Phone System

Connect our Powerful Telephony Features to your Pipedrive Account and enhance the way your staff communicate with your prospects!


Empower Your Sales Team:

  • Click-to-call feature to maximise outbound calls.
  • Boost connectivity with clients and eliminate misdialing.
  • Have your recodings available directly in the Pipedrive interface.
Pipedrive Integration Phone System

Automated Call Log

Call Recordings Available

Add Call Outcome Notes


Bundle Calls & Emails, in one place!

  • Get call logs displayed in the Pipedrive Interface, on every prospect’s page.
  • Add notes to yoour call activity. Keep track of every single detail of your conversation.
  • Managers can easily view the outcome of the calls or playback the recordings.

Increase Calls Productively

Arrange More Meetings

Make More Sales

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