Zoho CRM integration with NUACOM Cloud Phone System

Connect our Powerful Telephony Features to your Zoho Account and enhance the way your staff communicates with your prospects!

Picture above represents the many Zoho CRM integrations that are supported by NUACOM Cloud Phone Solution

Increase Agents’ Productivity


  • Make more calls with less effort using our Click-to-call feature,
  • Eliminate misdialing and ehance connectivity with clients,
  • Call recordings are available directly in Zoho CRM.

Zoho phone bridge integration phone system

Boost Performance

Book More Meetings

Close More Deals

Zoho phone bridge integration phone system 2

Keep track of all Sales Calls


  • All call logs are displayed in the Zoho CRM Interface, under contact profile page.
  • Notes can be added to a call activity to save the outcome of the conversation.
  • Managers can easily find out the outcome of a call or playback the recording.

Auto Call Log

Call Recording

Add Call Notes

NUACOM Phone System Integration with Zoho